Zongjie Li
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Recent Highlight


Exploring Missed Optimizations in WebAssembly Optimizers

Zhibo Liu, Dongwei Xiao, Zongjie Li, Shuai Wang, Wei Meng. CCF-A ISSTA 2023

CCTEST: Testing and Repairing Code Completion Systems

Zongjie Li, Chaozheng Wang, Zhibo Liu, Haoxuan Wang, Dong Chen, Shuai Wang, Cuiyun Gao. CCF-A ICSE 2023

Unleashing the Power of Compiler Intermediate Representation to Enhance Neural Program Embeddings

Zongjie Li, Pingchuan Ma, Huaijin Wang, Shuai Wang, Qiyi Tang, Sen Nie, and Shi Wu. CCF-A ICSE 2022

Static Inference Meets Deep Learning: A Hybrid Type Inference Approach for Python

Yun Peng, Cuiyun Gao, Zongjie Li, Bowei Gao, David Lo, Qirun Zhang, Michael Lyu. CCF-A ICSE 2022 Nominated for Distinguished Paper

Enriching query semantics for code search with reinforcement learning

Chaozheng Wang, Zhenhao Nong, Cuiyun Gao, Zongjie Li, Jichuan Zeng, Zhenchang Xing, Yang Liu. CCF-B Neural Networks, 2022

CRaDLe: Deep code retrieval based on semantic Dependency Learning

Wenchao Gu, Zongjie Li, Cuiyun Gao, Chaozheng Wang, Hongyu Zhang, Zenglin Xu, Michael R. Lyu. CCF-B Neural Networks, 2021


Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, GD, China
Sept. 2017 – Jun. 2021 B.S. Degree in Computer Science

National University of Singapore, Singapore
Jun. 2019 – Jul. 2019 Summer Workshop, Research Area: AI and Security, Tele-Robotic Deep Learning

The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Jan. 2019 – Feb. 2019 Exchange Program of 2019 Summer, Research Area: IoT and 6G tech

The Cornell, Maryland, Max Planck Pre-doctoral Research School 2020
August 3-9, 2020, Saarbrücken, Germany

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
Sept. 2021 - Now


Computing Vision Intern, Vertical Platform and Software Validation, Intel, Shenzhen
Jul. 2020 – Jan. 2021

Research Intern, Keen Lab, Tencent, Shanghai
Mar. 2021 - Sep. 2021

Securtiy Issues


Professional Service

Conference reviewer: SP 2023/ ICSE-SEET 2022/ Asiaccs 2022 / ICSE 2021

Artifact Evaluation Committee:

Usenix atc, 2022 / WiSec, 2022 / OSDI, 2022 / ISSTA, 2022

Newest Project

SKVM(The new virtual machine for source code level)

You are welcomed to view our code on the compiler for sys 2020. GitHub link

Contributor project list

taichi - a parallel programming language for high-performance numerical computations. taichi website

Emscripten compiles C and C++ to WebAssembly using LLVM and Binaryen. Emscripten website

Community involved

2021 ngo-csw-66 core member


  • FFirst Runner-up of AOTULE Conference(AI for Green), Engineering for Energy & Sustainability, 2022

  • First Runner-up of IEEE (Hong Kong) Computational Intelligence Chapter Research Paper Competition, 2022

  • The Second Prize of National College Students’ computer system ability competition – compiling system design competition,2020

  • The Third Prize of National energy conservation and emission reduction competition, Department of higher education,2020

  • The Second Prize of National AI Innovation Conference, Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence,2019

  • The Second Prize of National Undergraduate Mathematical Modeling Contest, China Society for Applied Mathematics,2019

  • The Third prize of the AI & Security Cluster of Summer Workshop, National University of Singapore,2019

  • National Scholarship, Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of China,2018&2020

  • The Second Prize of National English Competition for College Students, Foreign Language Education Committee,2018

  • The Second Prize of Mathematics Competition of Chinese College Students, China Mathematics Committee,2018


Computer Skills:
C,C++,Python, Java, Linux, Rust, Html, CSS, Web Establishment, Weapp Establishment, etc.
Pytorch/tensorflow gained
Implemented a runnable compiler, and did a lot of compiler optimization work.
Familiar with compiler front-end (yacc / bison) and back-end (llvm) framework

paper reading list

you can access the paper for ICSE’21 in ICSE’21 DeepPayload(./Comp5111.html)


  1. Device’s Fingerprint Recognition Technology, Cooperated with Dr. Chuanyi Liu, HITSZ and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Security Threat Model Analysis and IP Information Reputation System Technical Cooperation Project
    Cyberspace Security Center, UESTC, Chengdu, China
    Advisor: Dr. Binxing FANG (National Academician) Undergraduate Research Assistant Jan. 2019 – Feb. 2020

  2. The 4th National Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference
    Proposed a decentralized voting system based on block chain, in which voting does not depend on third parties or voting administrators, making the system more secure.
    Won The Second Prize of The 4th National Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference.

  3. Machine cart based on speech recognition and image recognition.
    School of Computing, NUS, Singapore
    Undergraduate Research Assistant
    Advisor: Dr. Colin TAN Jun. 2019 – Jul. 2019

  4. Program Dependence Graph-Based neural network for code search, Cooperated with Wenchao, GU
    Computer Science and Engineering department, CUHK
    Undergraduate Research Assistant